Today I Climbed A Mountain In Iceland

Today after classes, I climbed a mountain and  went out for fish soup and drinks with an American, two Germans, a Canadian, a Swiss, an Icelander, and a Frenchman. It’s amazing what you learn being around people from so many different countries speaking so many different languages. Best day in Iceland so far. We climbed up one of the mountains that encloses the fjord. We made it very close to the top, and had  spectacular views of  Ísafjörður and an even smaller nearby town called Hnífsdalur. It took us about thirty minutes to walk to the mountain from  Ísafjörður, two hours of hiking/climbing to get up near the top, an hour to walk back down, and The mountain side was covered in loose rocks, deep springy moss, and dozens of different kinds of hardy little wildflowers. The vegetation and rocks were breathtaking, the wind was invigorating, and the people were fascinating. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera. Others took pictures, so maybe I’ll be able to get some of those later. Meanwhile, I found some pictures online of the mountain. Here’s a picture of the mountain from behind  Ísafjörður (it’s on the left):

Ísafjörður and the mountain (on the left)

Ísafjörður and the mountain (on the left)

And here is a photo of the mountain from the other side and the town of Hnífsdalur. We mostly went up the inland side and ridge.

The mountain & Hnífsdalur.

The mountain & Hnífsdalur.

That's me on the left!

That’s me on the left!

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