Back in the One and Only Reykjavik

I’m excited to be back in Reykjavik! I’ll be moving between rooms and spaces in my guesthouse for a week before settling into my flat, but the upside is that I am getting to know the other students in the house. Today we walked for several hours around the city with some friends from Ísafjörður, spent too much on food and coffee, and then ended up at someone’s guesthouse to cook dinner together. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this city is so darn creative and artistic! One of my first posts was about all the amazing street art in the city, and today I saw another piece by the artist of my favorite painting spotted during my February visit (if you look at the picture below and the post linked above, you’ll easily be able to tell which are by the same artist).


I also saw the most delightful little violin shop. It was a small room with a large floor to ceiling window on the street. You looked in and saw a tidy work table with tools, horn-rimmed glasses, and a violin in progress. I’m hoping to stop by this week and see the craftsman at work.

I’m hoping to get the photos off my camera soon. Unfortunately, I have damaged it, and need to go get it fixed before I can take more photos. Until then, I will be using the photos of friends to illustrate my adventures so far. I’m putting together a post sharing more details of my wonderful three weeks in Ísafjörður and one about the wonderful city wide culture festival we experienced last night.

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