Great Music: Hymnalaya @ Cafe Rosenberg

This week has just flown by! I thought I would have plenty of extra time to take care of student visa errands and go to the museums, but I’ve had to be very intentional in just finding some alone time to read and think. It’s so different than the last year, but I love it. Every time I pause to look at my life, I am blown away by how blessed I am.


Right now, I’m staying in a group apartment at the top floor of the building whose basement houses my permanent bedroom and kitchen. There are eight of us crammed up here. All but two are in my master’s program, so the silver lining is that I’ve been getting to know them. Several of my friends from Ísafjörður, and one friend has a full kitchen and a big dining room table in his place, so we’ve already started cooking together. Monday night 8 of us shopped together and I made a bangin sweet and sour chicken stir fry! We all had second helpings and leftover rice for about 4 or 5 bucks each.

Then a few of us went to this sophisticated, but homey NY style coffeehouse/bar Cafe Rosenberg to see a band that two of the guys had seen and fallen in love with on culture night. They are called Hymnalaya. Their music had that quiet, ethereal quality that seems to be part of the Icelandic sound, but without the sadness that so much of the music here has.

Listening to their delicious little songs, I realized that they were Christians, literally singing hymns of their own making.  It was so encouraging  to come in contact with other Christians who seem to really take their faith seriously. After their set, I asked where they go to church. They are part of a congregation in Reykjavik, and I’m excited to check out their church on Sunday. There was another great musician as well. There was no cover charge so we enjoyed a whole evening of music and I only spent $8 on a delicious Icelandic stout.

2 thoughts on “Great Music: Hymnalaya @ Cafe Rosenberg

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