Of Monsters and Men Live @ Garðabær

Of Monsters and Men

Of Monsters and Men

My updates are coming in all kinds of chronologically -adverse order. On the first of September, the one and only Of Monsters and Men put on a free show at Garðabær, a half an hour bus ride outside the city. They were even better live than I expected. It was totally worth standing in the cold and misting rain. Because my friends and I arrived early, we were able to stand in the front row! [All the Of Monsters… photos are from their official facebook page.]

The crowd! We just outside the right edge of the photo.

The crowd! We just outside the right edge of the photo.

The three Icelandic bands that opened for them were great as well. Mugison (if you like The Black Keys or Jack White, you’ll like him) is a favorite of mine, and it was really great to compare his performance on a large stage with a full band to his acoustic set in Suðureyri last month.

Hide Your Kids had a cute name and a catchy pop sound.

I really enjoyed the set by Moses Hightower. Their sound reminded me of a sunny summer day in a east coast city like Philly or Baltimore, walking around and stumbling across a street festival with some chill band playing at the end of the closed off street.

In other music news, I’m 95% sure I spotted Bjork driving around the city the other day. I was running down by the city hall.  As I went to cross the street, this huge, old land-rover type vehicle stopped to let me pass, I turned my head right, and voila…. the face of Bjork.

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