A moment by Tjörnin

Today [I wrote this on Wednesday Oct 9], was sunny and gorgeous (until the sun went down at the dismally early 6:30pm). After class, I went for a run around the city. It’s a great way to clear the mind, soak up a little sunlight, and get to know Reykjavik 101.

I usually finish up by Tjörnin, the pond, and then spend some time watching the many birds that spend the winter here. Today, I sat down next to the delightful statue of Tómas Guðmundsson, an Icelandic author and poet. The statue is seated on a public bench, with room for one more person, and it commands a lovely view of the city hall and the colorful Reykjavik 101.

Reykjavik City Pond

While I was sitting in the sunshine, two housecats wandered over (Reykjavik is full of healthy, collared, clean, free-roaming housecats). They sat down on either side of Tómas and me. I miss my pets, so it’s always nice to have a friendly animal to hang out with. While Cat A, Cat B, and me were bonding, a mother and her 4 or 5 year old were walked nearby. The little boy was very excited about the cats. He walked over, smiling at me, then smiling at the cats. At this age, most of the little kids don’t know any English, so I could only communicate by smiling back. We both watched and laughed together as one of the cats climbed up and perched on the statue’s head to watch the swans and geese preening in the shallow edges of the pond. It was a wonderful moment of shared amusement with little kid who couldn’t speak my language (especially since I just watched a great film set in Iceland and starring children, “Days of Gray,” about a future society where there is no language).

Statue on bench

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