A Hot Spring in the Snow

snowy hot pot

Went to Glymur yesterday. It was gorgeous. Then we drove around for quite a while after dark to find a certain heitur pottur (natural hot spring). It was high enough up against the mountains that there was snow on the ground and a fresh layer falling. We parked off a country road, walked up a snowy path, changed into our swimsuits in the freezing cold, and jumped into a delicious hot spring just big enough for five. There were no sounds except a bit of wind and the steady flow of a nearby river. Every now and then the cloud cover drifted away to reveal the stars. They really are brighter here. This picture is just after getting out and getting dressed again as fast as we could before trudging back to the car. This is also a memorial of the last time I saw my favorite watch. RIP trusty timex.

One thought on “A Hot Spring in the Snow

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