Reykjavik Street Art




I love finding multiple works by the same artist….like these two. If anyone knows anything about the artist (I’m assuming “Big Wes” and “Cryptograph” painted over the green characters with blue hair)), please share.000020



The photos in this post are scans of unedited film shots taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel 2000 on and around Laugavegur and Hverfisgata.

14 thoughts on “Reykjavik Street Art

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  2. Great idea for a photo series. I too noticed a lot of street art in and around Reykjavik when I was there. Much of it was surprisingly good when compared to the sort found in most cities. It can really brighten up a street, especially during the polar nights I imagine.

    • They really are an artistic bunch here, and a lot of building owners commission work or invite artists to paint to avoid tagging. It seems even the taggers here are pretty respectful of actual works of art. I’m limited by budget to one roll a film a week, but I’m definitely going to be tracking down more pieces.

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