Fairly Average Iceland

There are so many breathtaking places in Iceland and so many beautiful things to see and photograph in Reykjavik. But, like every other city in the world, Reykjavik also has plenty of not so glamourous spots. Living here (as opposed to visiting), I get a chance to wander around and appreciate the aesthetics of Iceland’s fairly average side. For example:

The juxtaposition of this 70’s church (that was on the outskirts of town when it was built) and one of the brand new, shiny towers popping up along the water as the city expands.

Reykjavik, IcelandSkipholt 31 is a faily boring building on a boring street full of mostly boring stores and offices and homes, but it’s high enough up on the hill that you get a great, mostly unobstructed  view of the mountains.


Hekla is the name of one of Iceland’s active and powerful volcanoes. It’s also a large car dealership. Combine that with the multiple cranes building tall buildings that will slowly fill in this great view of the mountains, and that’s quite a bit of metaphorical and figurative fodder for thought. Reykjavik, Iceland

Hverfisgata (a road that runs through city center) is closed for traffic while under construction, and that means new things being built around and over old as well as plenty of great street art in all the nooks and crannies. Reykjavik, Iceland

The photos in this post are scans of unedited film shots taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel 2000.

6 thoughts on “Fairly Average Iceland

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  4. Too soon for tourism. Way over price and sorry , not worth, a breakfast 2eggs bacon coffee $47 dollars , a tour to see water fall $189 sorry not worth , Niagara Falls or even Orland way more interesting

    • Haha oh no, Edie! Looks like you are terrible at planning trips and even worse at enjoying anything beyond cheesy American tourist traps! I don’t really think it’s Iceland’s fault that you can’t figure out how to find a cheaper tour or rent a car for $30 bucks and drive yourself there. Enjoy your next trip to Disney World and McDonalds!!!! Also, I am not Iceland, so I don’t know why you are a leaving a review of Iceland on my blog lol

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