Skaftafell National Park Trip || Part II

Skaftafell National Park, Iceland

A Redwing (a member of the Thrush family)

(Click here for Part I of this adventure) We arrived at the campground at night, so when I woke up in the tent, I had no idea what the scenery would look like. The image below is about an hour after waking up, but at this point a lot of the gorgeous mist had lifted. There aren’t a lot of trees in Iceland and a large amount of them are evergreens. Coming from Maryland, it’s been a bit sad to miss out on the bright fall colors. Skaftafell was the exception. The base of the mountain was covered in these beautiful little birch trees whose leaves were a perfect gold (I couldn’t help but make the nerdy “leaves of Lorien” comparison. 1266105_606611192716045_245598694_o

Our plan for the day was to hike to the summit of Kristínartindar (3694 ft / 1126 m). We left our campsite about an hour after dawn, and arrived back at dusk. A full day of hiking across some beautiful landscapes.

Skaftafell is known for it’s bird population. We saw  lot Rock Ptarmigan, a type of grouse (image below). They would burst up from the colorful vegetation in large flocks. It was quite a breathtaking sight. Since we went in late fall, they were in between summer and fall plumage. Some were already completely white.

Rock Ptarmigan in Skaftafell Park, Iceland

For a large potion of the climb, we could see the glacier along our right (and a waterfall or two on the far side) as well as the sunlight bouncing off the ocean on the horizon. It was unusually warm, bright, and clear that day. Absolutely perfect weather for hiking and great panoramic views of southern Iceland.
Skaftafell National Park, Iceland


And once we reached the summit, someone decided it would be a great idea to do this pose…. and I quite agree. Skaftafell National Park, Iceland

The sunset on the way back down was absolutely glorious. The flora here (and in Iceland in general) had a overall somber, subdued feel, but a closer look revealed hundreds of reds, purples, greens, and golds. Skaftafell National Park, Iceland

Skaftafell National Park, IcelandClick here for part three!

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