My Little Icelandic Kitchen


One of the lovely little differenced between walking down a residential street in Reykjavik and one at home is the way Icelanders utilize their wide windowsills. They keep plants, figurines, pictures, lamps, candles and sculptures on the street side of the curtains, so that even when they aren’t home, passerby’s can enjoy these arrangements. Some windowsills are simple: a plant or a lamp to one side, like the big white house in between embassies that has a surprisingly tasteful illuminated goose statue in the window. Some are deliciously quirky. My favorite in the latter category is a tiny, old yellow house near the pond. Each of the two street facing windowsills are packed with dozens of elephant figurines (so many that they are literally stacked two high). I can only imagine what the inside of the house looks like or the eccentricity of its inhabitant.

I’ve picked up some little things here and there for my windowsill including six little stones from Jökulsárlón, and I’ve been buying yellow candles to add a little warm light to the darker and darker northern days. I think I have quite a ways to go before I master the art form of the Icelandic windowsill, but I’m quite pleased with my accomplishments so far.


The photos in this post are scans of unedited film shots taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel 2000.

4 thoughts on “My Little Icelandic Kitchen

  1. You’re doing a good job! Although I was in Iceland during the late spring, when it never got dark overnight, I did notice that it was very common to put a lamp, with a nice shade, on the window shelf, and a group of three lamps if the window was very big.

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