Icelandic Word of the Day: “Miðbæjarrotta”

Icelandic word of the day: “miðbæjarrotta.” It means literally “central-town rat” and is an icelandic term for someone who hangs around all the time and all day in the cafes of Reykjavik’s city center. As my friend noted, perhaps this word should mean “I know how to live.” I spotted this on Reykjavik Chic, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect since I’ve been holed up in various cafes all week studying for finals. Also, the picture below has nothing to do with the rest of this post (except that it’s in city center).

Swans in Reykjavik, Iceland

5 thoughts on “Icelandic Word of the Day: “Miðbæjarrotta”

  1. This is nice. But why isn’t there a regular site with an Icelandic word of the day. They are there for other languages, but I haven’t yet found one for Icelandic. That’s too bad. Somebody should start one. And let me know about it!

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