Snapshots from a Truly Glorious Winter Day

Reykjavik on a cold winter day

Today was gorgeous. I arrived at school at 8:30 in the dark for my last final of my first semester of graduate school. Today is also cold. It was about -10 Celsius (16 Fahrenheit) on my way to class. Walking home at noon, the sun came out over (ok more like next to, the sun doesn’t really very high off the horizon this time of year) the snowy, frozen city. I rarely carry a camera on me, but today I had the little Nikon coolpix my parents sent me, and managed to get some great snapshots of my walk home from school. As I look at these, I just feel so blessed to be able to see these gorgeous views every day.

Reykjavik on a cold winter day

This is Tjörnin, the little lake in the center of the city, about two blocks from where I live. It’s gorgeous frozen. You can kind of see a flock of birds at the far end. They pump hot water (plenty of that here) into the corner so the swans can stay in the city all winter.

Reykjavik on a cold winter day

The sun shining off Aðalbygging, the main building of my university, Háskóli Íslands.


Reykjavik on a cold winter day

Reykjavik on a cold winter day Beautiful swirls in the ice on Tjörnin.

Reykjavik on a cold winter day

Tómas Guðmundsson enjoying the bright, bright winter sun. Well, maybe not. But when it is out it goes right from sunrise to sunset, which is certainly beautiful.
Reykjavik on a cold winter day

Can anybody read ^ this language and tell me what this says? Reykjavik on a cold winter day

The frozen living wall at the Ráðhús (city hall) and one of dozens of Christmas trees up around city center. They are serious about Christmas here. Lights everywhere, garlands across the streets, buildings lit up green and red, and mini real trees on building facades.

Reykjavik on a cold winter day

And this. Haha. This is a small movie theater, and the title of the film translates to “Big Baby” (which I could read without looking up- go me).

Reykjavik on a cold winter day

11 thoughts on “Snapshots from a Truly Glorious Winter Day

  1. Iceland looks amazing…I hope I can make time to go there someday. I asked my Russian friend if he could read the writing on that lock, and he told me it says “Save the fire of love until the golden wedding.” I’ll leave the interpretation up for grabs.

  2. You take awesome pictures!! I just wanted to take a quick look at your blog because you liked one of my posts and am totally hooked. Can’t.Stop.Reading. I plan to travel to Iceland in June or July – so looking forward to it. Iceland has ben on my bucket list for two decade now, it’s about time 🙂

    • Aw, thanks. I really appreciate you taking the time to look through and comment. June and July are a great time to come! You’ll love it. Although it’s great all year. In June, I’ll be visiting the Westfjords and hitchhiking/camping the Ring Road. But be warned….once you visit Iceland….you’ll be hooked! It’s one of those places.

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