Sóley’s Solo Performance @ Loft Hostel

Soley at Loft Hostel

Sóley performed sans-band last night at Loft Hostel. The top floor of Loft is a cozy, little bar/lounge/venue with dormer windows looking out over Bankastraeti and the colorful rooftops of city center Reykjavik. It was a great little (free!) show: a few friends and I curled up on the window benches with our Tuborg jólabjórar (Christmas beers) while Sóley made her strange, haunting, delicious music and told us  how her newest song was inspired by a news report of a man being buried alive in Brazil.

Soley at Loft

Soley at Loft3

Soley at Loft

If you haven’t listened to her music, now is the time: 

P.S. If you missed her at Loft, Sóley will play with Biggi Hilmars and Pétur Ben on the 21st of December. More info here.


[First photo in this post by Bruno Granato. All other by yours truly.]

2 thoughts on “Sóley’s Solo Performance @ Loft Hostel

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog (uncategorizedays.wordpress.com)

    I am staying at the Loft and caught Soley last night as well. My photos don’t compare to yours ( I was waaaaay at the back) but I loved her sound.

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