Cozy Cafe Days

Iða Zimsen Cafe, Reykjavik

Well, the heartwarming buzz and uplifting chaos of Christmas is essentially over (says my American self…Icelandic Christmas ends on the 6th, but more on that later). After hosting almost twenty of my classmates and friends in my tiny apartment for a wonderful Christmas Day potluck feast, I was quite ready to savor the quiet days between Jól  and Christmas eve. My computer broke before Christmas, so I used my involuntary tech purge to read in my cute little kitchen and in the cozy cafes of City Center.

Iða Zimsen Cafe, Reykjavik

Two favorites near my home are Iða Zimsen and Stofan. Iða Zimsen has a great selection of books in English and Icelandic, and it tends to be filled mostly with Icelanders despite being right in the middle of several shops and restaurants directed at tourists. Stofan is the home of Reykjavik’s Mac-toting hispters- the type that would have filled the cafe with books and cigarette smoke in some other decade. And I mean this in the best way possible. Stofan is filled with an eclectic set of comfy furniture that defies the restriction of a single decade. However, my absolute favorite part of both these cafes are the wide, slat wood floors.

Stofan Cafe Reykjavik

[The photos in this post are scans of unedited film shots taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel 2000.]

4 thoughts on “Cozy Cafe Days

  1. I really enjoy reading your posts about Iceland. We visited there in 2012 and really enjoyed the country. I loved the cafes there. We spent a rainy afternoon on Heimaey hold up in a little cafe on the docks.

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