You Can Now Follow This Blog on Facebook…Yay!

I followed this Pósturinn (post office) worker down the street trying to get a good shot of her delivering the mail in her snazzy red uniform. If you too like following people around Reykjavik, then hop over to my equally snazzy new facebook blog fan page and click the magic “like” to get updates every time I post.

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7 thoughts on “You Can Now Follow This Blog on Facebook…Yay!

  1. My friend is a Post Master something in Copenhagen. His red uniform is quite cool actually. He delivers mail on a bicycle. Of course.

      • What?! You are living my dream. I have been there a couple of times. Almost went to graduate school there, no exam required no less. Regrets. I have family in-laws and friends though. You will love it. Danes are hilarious – though they don’t try to be.

          • I was going for prehistoric archeology. A personal favorite subject of the Queen – well funded. The only thing less popular, ie easier to enter program, was theology. I was a shoe-in. My Danish squad was excited when I said I planned to study in Copenhagen – until I told them the field. Then they could not manage to pretend to be enthusiastic. Amazing, given how polite Danes are, especially when you are in Denmark in person. Also, they were/are baffled that I wanted to learn Danish! “Why? Only 5 million people in the world speak it!” I would like to mention that they have philosophy degrees. Zzzz.

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