Old West Side, Reykjavik || Part Three

Old West Side- Reykjavik, Iceland

Old West Side- Reykjavik, Iceland

Old West Side- Reykjavik, Iceland

Old West Side- Reykjavik, Iceland

Cats run this town. Reykjavik is home quite the clowder of cats (yes, that’s the actual term for a group of cats). Well kempt, tagged felines can be seen wandering about neighborhoods, around shopping streets, and one black and white cat in particular sneaking into and being removed from Stofan Cafe at least a few times everyday. Old West Side- Reykjavik, Iceland

Click here for more pictures of Old West Side, Reykjavik. [These photos are unedited, 35mm film shots taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel 2000.]

11 thoughts on “Old West Side, Reykjavik || Part Three

  1. You have a great eye for a picture – i really like the one through the archway. Seemingly nothing happening but it’s a well constructed shot.
    And you’ve given me yet another reason i KNOW i will love Reykjavik – I am a huge cat lover, I can’t walk past one without stopping to say hello. I think there will be hundreds of cat pics on my camera by the time i leave haha
    Oh, and i know it isnt the hardest phrase in the world to translate but I am feeling smug that i understood “mjólk er góð”

    • Thanks! And I’ve been here over 7 months, and yesterday I felt so pleased with myself after immediately understanding “Opið Alla Daga” on the grocery store sign… and then I went home and worked on translating medieval Old Norse poetry…. but for some reason I still feel so satisfied understanding basic things. So I totally understand.

      • There is something so satisfying about understanding something in a foreign language without having to filter it into English, it’s a great feeling when that happens. And then there are the times when you understand and then realise you can’t even think of the english word… then you KNOW you paid attention in class 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos! I’ve read the eddas and some of the sagas (in translation), and I’ve long been interested in Iceland. It’s great to see these photos of the country!

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