(Introducing) Tónlist Tuesday: Just Another Snake Cult

Just Another Snake CultJust Another Snake Cult is the brain-child of Þórir Bogason. According to their facebook page, they play “Lo-fi pop wizardry. Freakbeat beach pop. Existential fantasticism.” I don’t really think I could describe their eclectic sound any better than that. I saw Þórir and Helga (a talented cellist/ whistler) perform in a cozy secret Sofar Sounds show last week (I’ll post more about that when they release the videos for the show, but meanwhile you should check Sofar out and see if they are active in your city). Their album, “Cupid Makes a Fool of Me” is absolutely delightful and features a fantastic Billy Bragg/Woody Guthrie cover. (Photo via)

Introducing Tónlist Tuesday: Iceland is chock full of fantastic bands in every genre. I’ve posted about a few of them before, but in a more organized effort to share this marvelous music with you, I’ll  be posting about a new Icelandic band every Tuesday (Tónlist is the Icelandic word for music). I’d really appreciate your feedback on the bands I share and any suggestions for upcoming features. And, as always, thanks for reading and sharing my posts.

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