There Are Also People Here

000007My New Year’s resolution, inspired by the likes of HONY and Nomad Russ, was to get waaaayyy out of my comfort zone and start taking more photographs of people- friends as well as strangers. On a recent sunny Saturday afternoon, I wandered nervously around Reykjavik 101 asking strangers if I could take their photo. This young Icelandic family was the first I asked. You see a lot of young, stylish families downtown, and on the weekend, it’s delightful to see so many families out together enjoying the nice weather and each other.

Reykjavik, IcelandSo in the coming week or so, you will see more products of my tentative foray into street photography, instead of just channeling my Wes Anderson fandom into rectilinear-framed shots of colorful buildings. I’ve also been working on my covert portrait snapping skills, like pretending to take a picture of a bakery, but waiting to take the picture till interesting looking people walk by.

Reykjavik, IcelandAnd last but not least, I brought my camera along to a recent performance by my friend Malo Adeux at Loft Hostel. We’re not sure, but we think may have been the first time a singer/songwriter has performed the Breton language in Iceland. And it was definitely the first time a French singer spoke in English to an international crowd in an Icelandic hostel to teach them the refrain of a traditional Breton song about harvesting seaweed. [These photos are scanned 35mm film shots taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel 2000.]

8 thoughts on “There Are Also People Here

    • Haha, me too. Although, I don’t get why everyone must get so upset over those of use who like to take pictures of food. One of my favorite pictures since I’ve moved to Iceland is an instagram I took of my favorite burger. I have yet to a have a genuinely amazing burger here, so sometimes I like to look at that picture and remember what that glorious creation tasted like. Haha. #NeverForget

        • The “traditional” food are really gross since they are from the time when Iceland was very poor and had to make do: fermented shark, sheep head & testicles, and so on. But other than that, you’ll see a lot of fish and meat soup. If you have access to a stovetop when you are here, it’s worth going to the fish market in Kolaportið to buy some fresh fish mmm. But the best eats here are actually all the international foods: Middle Eastern, Asian, African, you name it.

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