Tónlist Tuesday: CeaseTone


I saw CeaseTone perform at a Sofar Sounds secret show a few weeks ago. CeaseTone is a play on Hafsteinn Þráinsson’s name. Hafsteinn means “Sea stone.” The poor guy was very sick the day of the show, but still came and sang beautifully. I was immediately in love with his beautiful melodies, voice, and lyrics. His voice reminded me of Zach Condon (of Beirut). Check out more of his work on his youtube channel.

Introducing Tónlist Tuesday: Iceland is chock full of fantastic bands in every genre. I’ve posted about a few of them before, but in a more organized effort to share this marvelous music with you, I’ll  be posting about a new Icelandic band every Tuesday (Tónlist is the Icelandic word for music). I’d really appreciate your feedback on the bands I share and any suggestions for upcoming features. And, as always, thanks for reading and sharing my posts. (First Photo via)


11 thoughts on “Tónlist Tuesday: CeaseTone

  1. Hanna, thanks for this. I like what I hear so far. The acoustic melodies reminds me of Nick Drake and I’m not getting any new Drake tunes.

  2. Thanks for this series Hannah, the only Icelandic music I get to hear usually is in the Eurovision Song Contest, which although good doesn’t sum up the whole taste of the music from the country. Look forward to hearing more soon!

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