Tónlist Tuesday: Retro Stefson

Retro Stefson

Get ready to dance….then rock out….then chill….then dance again! Retro Stefson is an exuberant group of young Icelandic musicians making a deliciously eclectic music that crosses continents, eludes genres, and delights the globally inclined ear with lyrics in Icelandic, English, French, and Portuguese. Several members of the band, who grew up together, started playing together in middle school after making music for a talent show.

Retro Stefson puts on a fantastic live show. I saw them twice off-venue at Iceland Airwaves, and both times they had the audience jumping around, head-banging, then jumping around again. To see more of this fun band, you should take a look at the documentary, “Backyard.” A musician decided to invite several bands and his neighbors to his backyard, where the bands recorded some great live tracks. It’s a quiet, but engrossing look at the style-diverse but close knit community of musicians in Reykjavik.

I love the video for “Glow” because all of the locations are in downtown (and nearby) Reykjavik, right around where I live. (And brothers Unnsteinn and Logi Stefánsson are adorable on their tandem bike.)


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