Snæfellsnes Pt. 5: Ólafsvík

000027On our way to the Svörtuloft Lighthouse on our Saturday Snæfellsnes adventure (for the rest of my posts on this weekend trip, click here), we stopped in the fishing port of Ólafsvík to take a look a very modern church (you can see it in the image above; it is supposed to resemble a fish from above) and take a short walk up to a frozen waterfall. The most striking thing about this little town was the juxtaposition of ugly, boring little homes against the breathtaking view of mountains and water. That delicious combination of the mundane and the spectacular is best expressed with the following photo of bedsheets hung out to dry at the foot of a snow-dusted mountain.




000025 [These photos are scanned 35mm film shots taken by me with a Canon EOS Rebel 2000.]



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