The Kids Are Alright

Kids in Reykjavik, Iceland I’ve mentioned before how Reykjavik is such a safe city. Consequently, you see a lot of kids running around and playing- straying from their parents or skateboarding on their own with no affiliated grown ups in sight. It’s the kind of thing a documentary photographer like myself can’t resist trying to capture. Which brings me to my next point: parents are generally not bothered upon seeing someone taking a picture of their child or being asked for a picture with their young’n. I think again, that’s due to a sense of finite boundaries and community, an absence of stranger-fear.

Kids in Reykjavik, Iceland

Kids in Reykjavik, Iceland

Kids in Reykjavik, Iceland [These are scans of pictures taken with a 35mm disposable film camera.]

7 thoughts on “The Kids Are Alright

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  2. Very nicely done. Our cities around Montana are generally like that which made my mother flip. She’s so used to bigger cities and was shocked we let kids play in tge park all day in my town.

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