The Young Adults Are Alright

Reykjavik, IcelandGrunnskóli (“grade school”- grades 1-10) is the last mandatory schooling for Icelanders. After that, students can enroll in a menntaskóli for a four year degree (usually from ages 16-20) which will prepare them for University and a bachelor’s degree. Upon graduating from their menntaskóli, I’ve been told,  groups of students dress up in matching costumes and roam the streets drinking and completing a scavenger hunt challenge. The group below just needed to get me to take a picture and to offer me a shot of whatever they were drinking, but I saw one group go up to a tourist and convince her to trade hats and be lifted up for a crazy group photo. 

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland I’ll always regret not taking a close up of the dozen pooh bears below sitting behind the pub drinking and smoking with a minion.

Reykjavik, Iceland And here’s a photo from back in March, on Öskudagur, when I witnessed the unique Icelandic way of celebrating Ash Wednesday: kids dress up in costumes and trade songs for candy at all the shops and cafes. These kids seem to be scoping out their next target. My fellow blogger, Ally, snapped a great picture these ferocious young people from the other side of a shop window. This tradition is relatively new, and many have described it as Iceland’s version of Halloween, which is not really celebrated here.

Reykjavik, Iceland[These pictures are scans of 35mm shots taken by me.]


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