June 2.2 Snaefellsnes Peninsula

After the lava tunnels, we drove through some cute towns including Borgarfjordur (since I’m posting from my phone for the next few weeks, I am anglicizing all the Icelandic spellings, but I will either fix them later or just give the real spelling and more info when I post all the film from this trip). Then we drove all the way around the Snaefellsnes Peninsula from the bottom around to Grundarfjordur, where we camped.

We stopped for several great sights, including this church at Budir, where there were beautiful sand dunes by the water:20140603-232639-84399421.jpg
The beach at Djupalons (which, along with a lot of other places on the peninsula, I wrote about in April). Top photo.
The cliffs at Ondverdarnes , where we saw the Svortuloft light house and lots of birds including puffins and razorbills.20140603-232752-84472918.jpg

And last but not least, little lamb babies everywhere!

20140603-232129-84089848.jpg[These photos taken with my iphone 5c


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