June 4 || Ísafjörður

20140605-225742-82662220.jpg After three days on the road, we spent yesterday relaxing and enjoying this beautiful town, which at a population just over 2000 is the bustling metropolis of the Westfjords. I spent the morning getting my pastry on at Gamla Bakaríið: stuffing myself with their vínarbrauð and writing overdue letters and postcards to friends before sitting outside the excellent bar/restaurant Húsið to steal their wifi for a FaceTime with a friend.

20140605-230403-83043523.jpg Then we stopped by the information center to get some maps to plan out the next few days here in the north west. We also popped into the maritime museum at the end of town, which is a delightful collection of exhibits housed in a beautiful old wood building. Definitely worth the 5€ admission.

20140605-230832-83312599.jpg It was a sublimely sunny warm day, the snow tips on huge mountains surrounding the town were shimmering, and we discovered a whole set of tiny kittens playing by the shore in front of a historic house. But the crown jewel of my day was dinner at Tjöruhúsið. I’m not usually one for fancy dinners, but this was the best $40 I’ve ever spent on food. 20140605-231956-83996453.jpgTjöruhúsið only cooks the catch of the day, so there is no menu. They hold evening buffets “when they feel like it.” We sat in the historic wood building on benches while the cooks brought out pan after pan of incredible fish dishes. There were at least 5 kinda of fresh fish in more than a dozen amazing sauces. If you are going to go to one restaurant in Iceland, make it this one.


20140605-231930-83970021.jpg[Photos taken by iphone 5c]


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