June 9 || Ísafjörður to Blönduós

20140613-140550-50750057.jpg We didn’t do much on the 8th. Just read and rested up for the next bit of adventuring. My mom’s friend flew into Reykjavik and drove up to meet us. The plan (which we followed) was for me to continue with them till Akureyri and then let them finish in a week while I putzed around for another two weeks.

20140613-141013-51013469.jpgThere was not much to mention specifically along the way from Ísafjörður to Blönduós, where we camped, but the scenery was gorgeous and there were tons of horses and sheep with their babies.

20140613-141145-51105382.jpgWe took a detour around Vatnes peninsula as we drove east in the hope if seeing some seals, but there was a delicious fog all around us for most of the gravel road. However it was still with the extra time. We stopped to check out a pretty sheep round up pen by the water (see my post from the fall about the roundup for more info) and Hvítserkur, a neat rock formation just off the coast.

20140613-141550-51350139.jpg[These photos taken with my iphone 5c]


4 thoughts on “June 9 || Ísafjörður to Blönduós

  1. The pen shot is indeed amazing. It looks more like Sci-Fi than mere sheep…
    The great thing about your travel account is, I know parts of the route from my bike tour last year, and reading about them revives the memories 🙂

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