June 10-13 || Akureyri

20140615-185359-68039934.jpg My mom and her friend left after one night in Akureyri, leaving me to explore it on my own. I fell in love with this tiny city. With flowers and trees everywhere, the green lush was a good respite from the rugged countryside. And I think it’s the best smelling city I’ve ever visited.

20140615-185615-68175665.jpgThe adorable main street had a plethora of cute cafés and shops. I spent a whole day wandering from one to the other reading the second half of Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad and all of The Fault In Our Stars.

20140615-185852-68332794.jpgIf you like museums, check out the three poets’ houses. The main museum had a great exhibit of new photos taken with 19th century techniques and a collection of maps of Iceland from the Renaissance to the late 1800’s. The main museum is a 30 minute walk out of central Akureyri through Old Akureyri, which is home to rows of gorgeous old houses from the lat 1700’s onward. Definitely worth a wander.

20140615-190208-68528150.jpg I didn’t get a chance to visit the Botanical Gardens, but several people told me they were fantastic. The best thing there was the view of the mountains and water at midnight, when the sky turned orange as sunset and sunrise met.






20140615-190604-68764496.jpg[These photos taken with my iphone 5c]


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