June 14 || The Dimmuborgir Trail

20140618-144659-53219083.jpgOn Saturday we hiked the Dimmuborgir trail from Mývatn, which was almost 7km. It was a really great hike. The trail wound through small, gnarly fairy tale trees growing over huge rock formations made by lava thousands of years ago… Past Grótagjá….

20140618-144956-53396605.jpg… Till it came to a huge gravel hill with a gaping crater (the name if which escapes me at the moment as I pass the time while waiting to be picked up 20 min outside Egilstaðir).

20140618-145317-53597959.jpg A short walk from this-gates-of-Mordor-esque monolith, the actual lava fields of Dimmuborgir start. Huge lava formations in a stone henge-esque circle were filled in with hardy, dark greenery as well as moss and lichen of every color spilling into the crevices that the path twisted to avoid.


20140618-145845-53925949.jpg In the evening we tried and failed to get to Dettifoss, but did see some cool geothermal something:


20140618-150148-54108536.jpg [These photos taken with my iphone 5c]

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