June 15 || Dettifoss & Seyðisfjörður

20140620-095355-35635121.jpgDettifoss is the most powerful waterfall in Iceland. We hitched a ride there with the sweetest family from Bavaria (in the photo below, at another waterfall on the side of the road. They gave a ride there, back, and then all the way to Egilstaðir.

20140620-095652-35812904.jpg Egilstaðir is tidy and functional, but with little to nothing of interest for travelers. We stopped for a wifi/coffee break, and then carried on to the completely charming Seyðisfjörður.

20140620-100034-36034072.jpgWe were picked up by two young Icelandic men trying to make the most of their days off. One was on a two month leave from his job on a fishing boat. They decided it would be good fun to take us all the way to Seyðisfjörður, even though they hadn’t been planning on going that way. After picking up beer and cracking one open, we drove over a dip in the mountains that leads to the cozy fjord.

20140620-100351-36231850.jpg Having nothing better to do, Kolbeinn and Theodore (except Icelandic spelling?) gave us the “grand tour,” stopping at the scenic overlook and driving all through town. I’ve found that the average Icelander knows quite a bit about their history, literature, and the geology behind the landscape.

20140620-111204-40324288.jpgWe were then treated to our first rúnta: aimless driving around the same circuit through town, listening to music (DJ Muscle Boy and The Dead Weather in this case), drinking, and passing the time in a small town. [These photos taken with my iphone 5c]

2 thoughts on “June 15 || Dettifoss & Seyðisfjörður

  1. I really like the dynamic in the bavarian-family picture, whilst the image of Seyðisfjörður just triggered a lot of emotions and memories.
    I hope you have as great a trip as it seems and you enjoy your time!

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