June 16 || Seyðisfjörður

20140624-132558-48358051.jpg Seyðisfjörður is an adorable, tiny town tucked away at the end of a fjord. On three sides, dozens of waterfalls pour into the fjord. Wherever you go in the town you hear the sound of water rushing and falling.

20140624-132921-48561545.jpg I think most of the tourist activity in the town comes from the ferry, which brings travelers from Denmark via the Faroe Islands.

20140624-133025-48625719.jpgSeyðisfjörður has a thriving arts community. It is home to artist and writers from all over the works invited there for residencies. There are design and knitted goods shops in abundance as well as several fantastic cafe/bar/restaurants. We had coffee at Hotel Alden and delicious dinner (they even had a gorgeous vegan burger for my traveling companion) at Skaftafell, which is housed under the art gallery.

20140624-133358-48838466.jpg On a hill a short walk from downtown, there is a fantastic art installation. It’s a cluster of connected cement domes. The acoustics inside are amazing. We carried out instruments up and spent a few house playing and experimenting with noises in the domes.


20140624-133637-48997181.jpg I think this was one of my favorite towns I saw on the trip around the island. If you get a chance to visit, even just to stop in, you definitely should.

20140624-133809-49089220.jpg[Photos taken with my iphone 5c]

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