June 18 || Seyðisfjörður to Skaftafell

20140626-153843-56323960.jpg June 18th was a slow day for rides. We got stuck for extended periods of time at least twice. But as always, there were some kind people who picked us up. Including a French couple who had to wake us up when we got to the spot we were headed and a tour bus driver who gave us a lift on his empty bus out of Höfn to a better hitchhiking spot.


20140626-154229-56549674.jpg It was late by the time we arrived at Skaftafell. The campground there, right on the edge of the Vatnjökull, is beautiful. While we were setting up out tents, we stuck up a conversation with an English traveler from the same part of London as my traveling companion. Our little conversation eventually merged with the two Icelanders camping with their Canadian friend next to us. They generously shared their wine, scotch, and a huge leg of lamb they had leftover from dinner. We all stayed up till 4, laughing and drinking as the sky turned pink instead of dark.


20140627-163212-59532008.jpg[Photos taken with my iphone 5c]


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