The Hot River at Hveragerði

Hveragerði, IcelandLess than an hour south of Reykjavik on Highway 1 is the town of Hveragerði. From the town, you can hike about an hour and a half to a hot river. Yes, that’s right, a hot river. There is a shallow river running out of the mountains that is the perfect hot pot temperature. Almost any day in the summer, you will see dozens of people lounging in the water, and if you are up for the hike in the winter, you may have it all to yourselves.  Hveragerði, IcelandIn May, I wanted to take advantage of the first few weeks of summer to try out my new tent. A friend and I hitchhiked from Reykjavik, and pitched our tent a few meters from the water. It was wonderful to spend a few hours in the stream before and after sleeping. We arrived in the evening, and there were quite a few people there. In the morning, we had the river to ourselves except for a fellow hitchhiker, who joined up for the walk down, which leads past some really cool geothermal spots with steam and bubbling mud.
Hveragerði, Iceland

Hveragerði, Iceland

Hveragerði, Iceland


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