ÍS: The Way to Ísafjörður

Westfjords, Iceland I love the Westfjords. More than any other place in Iceland, this part of Iceland moves and inspires me. The drive from the Snæfellsnes peninsula to Ísafjörður was breathtaking. The Westfjords are sparsely populated and mountainous; access is only by often-gravel roads winding around steep mountains and deep fjords. We drove up in early June, and there was still plenty of snow on the mountains and along the roadsides at high altitudes.

Westfjords, IcelandWe drove up the east coast of the bigger half of the Westfjords (the smaller finger is essentially uninhabited and not really accessible by car). There were countless waterfall pouring down every mountainside into the fjords, and every once and a while we stopped a set of sheep grazing on the steep bits of green next to the road.

Westfjords, Iceland (This picture is actually, I believe, from before the actual Westfjords- probably somewhere closer to Stykkishólmur.)

Westfjords, Iceland

Westfjords, Iceland [35mm taken with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000. Click here for more pictures from my June Ring Road trip around Iceland]

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