ÍS: Ísafjörður Harbor (Blue Boats)

Ísafjörður, Iceland During the course of a year in Iceland, I went around the whole island, including several trips up the west and south coasts. Everywhere I went, the scenery took my breath away and the charming towns charmed me. There is nowhere in Iceland I wouldn’t want to visit again (ok, Egilsstaðir was kind of lame…). Of all the incredible places in Iceland, Ísafjörður is my favorite. There is something so refreshing about the remote town on a gravel spit in the fjord. When I visited my with mom in early June, it was my second visit to the Westfjords. We stayed for five or six days and used Ísafjörður as  base to drive all throughout Iceland’s most remote and sparsely populated corner.

Ísafjörður, Iceland

Ísafjörður, Iceland  [35mm taken with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000. Click here for more pictures from my June Ring Road trip around Iceland]

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