Finland: Piehinki & the Family Farm

Finland While up north, my boyfriend and I stayed at his grandparents’ farm in Piehinki. They used to have cows, but sold them when they were too old to actively farm the land. The beautiful property backs up to woods, through which a path leads to the Gulf of Bothnia. One afternoon, the wind started picking up suggesting the imminent arrival of a big thunderstorm. We decided it would be splendid to see it a-brewing on the water, so we ran through the tall grass in the field into the woods. As soon as we reached the tree line, it started to pour, but we kept going and the sight of the thunderstorm whipping the trees and grasses on the gulf was spectacular. Worth wearing wet shoes the next day. [35mm taken with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000. Click here for more pictures of Finland.]

4 thoughts on “Finland: Piehinki & the Family Farm

  1. I love how you say that when you noticed a thunderstorm was coming, your reaction was to go and watch it from outside the house, that’s awesome!

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  3. What, no thunderstorms in Iceland? Well I guess that’s one of its rare flaws..!
    Finland looks amazing too and it’s awesome that you got to see so much of it, andnot only the south 🙂

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