Finland: Hiking in Lapland

Lapland, Finland

We spent a day in Lapland hiking in Syöte National Park (Syötteen kansallispuisto in Finnish). The park is a chain of old- growth spruce forests. Almost a quarter of the park is bog or mire, so much of the trail we hiked was made from planks (see the above photo). The mosquitos were crazy, and the forest was dotted with enormous anthills, most about 2-3 feet high, but some the height of a grown man. But other than the ubiquitous biting insects, it was a beautiful place: dense forests alternating with open fields, and enough elevation variation to make the hike interesting without making it difficult.  Lapland, Finland About halfway through our roughly 20km loop, the hot sun was replaced by ominous, gray clouds and huge peals of thunder. Soon after, we decided to start running, hoping to make it back before the impending deluge. We only had 3km to go when the clouds burst, at which point I could not run one more step….so we walked the last stretch to the car soaking wet. The three hour drive back to the farm was unpleasant, but the thunderstorm makes it a much better story, so I think it all turned out fantastic in the end. Oh, and I saw reindeer on the drive there! [35mm taken with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000. Click here for more pictures of Finland.]

4 thoughts on “Finland: Hiking in Lapland

    • Well so far I’ve only lived in Iceland and Denmark (and only two months in DM so far). I was learning a bit of Icelandic (I study Old Norse, so pretty close) when I was there and will continue when I go back in January. I’m about to head to my first Danish class tonight! Almost everyone speaks great English in Scandinavia, so I have yet to have any language barrier in any country I’ve visited. And when I was in Finland and Austria (posting those pics soon!) I had my boyfriend and good friend, respectively, who were locals and could translate whenever necessary.

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