Finland: Summer Cottage pt 2

Summer Cabin, Finland

Summer Cabin, Finland

Summer Cabin, FinlandHere are few photos I took when we spent the day at a friend’s summer cottage. Spending time at a summer cottage is a very traditional thing here in the Nordic countries. Even in Iceland, where “summer” is best left in quotation marks, the countryside is peppered with small, wood cabins for private or tourist use. Scandinavians get a lot more vacation time each year than us Americans, so they can spend more time in these rustic get-aways each year. In Sweden, almost half the population has access to a summer home. In Iceland, most of the summer cabins have hot tubs. In Finland, many are by the water and most have a sauna.

Summer Cabin, FinlandThe cottage we visited was very typical. A simple wood house by a lake with a few extra little cabins for sleeping and a traditional Finnish sauna. Just dreamy. Summer Cabin, Finland[35mm taken with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000. Click here for more pictures of Finland.]

3 thoughts on “Finland: Summer Cottage pt 2

  1. Midsummer Day is a two-day holiday in the Baltic states, where people traditionally travel out to those country cabins to eat, drink, sit around the fire, and go hunt for fern blossoms with one’s sweetie. Is is similar in Finland?

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