ÍS: Siglufjörður (Part One)

Siglufjörður, Iceland Siglufjörður became my new favorite Icelandic town within minutes of my mom and I driving into this splash of color tucked between mountains and one lane mountain tunnels one the northern coast. It was not assessable to car until the horse path was widened for automobiles in 1940. Even then, access was limited by seasons until the tunnels were built in 2010. The tunnels are quite the experience. They are one lane….but two way. Stop off areas are place at regular intervals to allow cars to pass each other. I took a video while driving through the tunnels, which you can see here.

Siglufjörður, Iceland

Siglufjörður, Iceland

Siglufjörður, Iceland  [35mm taken with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000. Click here for more pictures from my June Ring Road trip around Iceland]


5 thoughts on “ÍS: Siglufjörður (Part One)

    • Thanks! It’s definitely worth it. FYI while you can’t go all around the island in the winter, by going in off season (sept 1- may 29) you would be dealing with prices as low as one third for things like car rental than if you went in tourist season.

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