Melk Abbey, Austria

Melk Abbey, Austria Melk Abbey (Stift Melk in German) is a gorgeous Benedictine Abbey perched on a hill overlooking the town of Melk and the Danube River. The Abbey was founded in 1089, but the current Abbey buildings and church were constructed in the Baroque style in the early 18th century. In addition to it’s draw as a tourist attraction, the Abbey is a working school, with about 900 students. In fact, my friend was enrolled there as a child.
Melk Abbey, Austria I think the photos of the church above speak for themselves, but I just have to mention the remains of two “unknown saints.” On either side of the church are actual skeletons, dressed in finery and propped up laying on their sides behind glass. The identities of these saints are unknown, but their remains are available for devotion none-the-less.Melk Abbey, AustriaUnfortunately, photography was forbidden in the library. It was a gorgeous two floor open room, lined with gorgeous old books. They had a fantastic set of meter high globes, one with geographical markings and the other with mythical creatures and celestial information. There was also a fabulous manuscript on display containing medieval musical notation!F1000013melkLastly, the Abbey boasts extensive gardens, cultivated in different styles. I wandered through them for 30 or 40 minutes, enjoying the shaded walks and great views over the surrounding area.
Melk Abbey, Austria

Melk Abbey, Austria

Melk Abbey, Austria

Abbey of Melk, Austria[35mm taken with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000. For more pictures of my weeklong trip to Austria, click here.]

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  1. A globe representing the surface of the earth and another representing the sky were common teaching devices. If you run into a reference in some Victorian novel about studying globes, that is to what it refers.

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