Copenhagen: Freetown Christiania (Part One)

F1000009christianiaIn the early 70’s, some Danes set up home in abandoned military barracks in Christianhavn. Soon, they declared themselves an autonomous neighborhood. In 1989, supervision of the area was transferred the state from the city of Copenhagen. Today, walking into the community, you feel like you’ve been suddenly transported out of the city. A sign on the way out informs you that you are now entering the EU. F1000010christianiaOne of the main things Christiania is known for is it’s “green-light” district, where cannabis is *not* *cough* sold in an open market. Pictures are forbidden in that area, since it’s still technically illegal, but it’s a favorite spot on warm days for city residents who want to relax on the beaches that border the neighborhood and smoke a joint with friends.  F1000020christianiaBut it’s also a wonderful place to visit for those of us less inclined to the herb. The town is an explosion of street and folk art….even the houses themselves, unrestricted by city building codes, are often wonderful works of art or just eclectic patchworks of colors and building materials. F1000023christiania

F1000022christiania  [35mm taken with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000. I’m currently on exchange in Copenhagen from the University of Iceland. If you want to see more of my film photography from Denmark, follow the blog on wordpress and/or facebook and click here for the rest of the posts in the “Denmark” category.]

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