ÍS: Jökulsárlón/ Glacial Lagoon

F1000013glacier The Icelander who gave us a ride to Skaftafell in the evening offered to stop as we were passing Jökulsárlón, which is one of the most spectacular sights on the south coast. It’s a large glacial lake, filled with icebergs broken off from the edge of the glacier. You can often see seals swimming about in the lake, and I’ve heard that every once and a while a Killer Whale swims in from the ocean to hunt the seals. The icebergs often end up washing out to the ocean, on the other side of the Ring Road, and it is surreal to see them washed up on the black sand beach, being gently pushed back and forth by the cold Atlantic waves.


F1000012glacier [35mm taken with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000. Click here for more pictures from my June Ring Road trip around Iceland]

2 thoughts on “ÍS: Jökulsárlón/ Glacial Lagoon

  1. This was one of my favorite stops in Iceland. I wondered why they put that huge mound of rubble between the road and the lagoon. It was not until I hiked on the Skaftafell glacier the next day that I realized that the glacier left the mound there. We were so struck by the lagoon that we did not notice the beach with the huge pieces of ice on it until the next day. One of my favorite photos from that trip is me standing next to a beached piece of ice that was as tall as I am.

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