Scotland: Drum Castle in Aberdeenshire

F1000035drumDuring my weeklong trip to Aberdeen, Scotland in October, my boyfriend and I took the bus out to Drum Castle, one of the many many beautiful castles in Aberdeenshire. What makes this castle really special is that it is a hodgepodge of building styles. It was first built in the 13th century, over 700 years ago. Since then, it has been added onto and changed in every era, but retains bits of quite a few of these “updates.” This means the castle looks like a different building from each side.  F1000034drumA tower (seen in the image below) is what remains of the first 13th century structure and the rest includes a Jacobean mansion house and the additions of Victorian lairds. The castle and it’s grounds were given to William de Irwyn in 1325 by Robert the Bruce, Scotland’s famous warrior king who led the Scots in wars for independence against England. and it remained in the ownership of his clan, Clan Irvine, until 1975.F1000033drumThe actual castle was closed for the season, but we were able to walk around, admire it’s facade, a fairy-tale chapel, and the beautiful walled garden which had meticulously cultivated beds showing off the garden style of four different centuries (16th- 19th). The walk to the castle was gorgeous as well, since the landscape was both lush green and showing off fall colors. F1000036drum


F1000002shire [35mm taken with my 1999 Olympus 105G Superzoom. Click here for more pictures of Scotland.]

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