ÍS: Hrísey (Part One)

Hrisey Island, Iceland In the end of June, only a few days after getting back from my three week Ring Road trip, a few friends and I traveled up north to celebrate our friend’s birthday. We stayed in Dalvík, a small town near Akureyri, and made two great day trips to Hrísey and Ásbyrgi. Hrísey is a little inhabited island a short ferry ride from Árskógssandur. The population is about 180, so you can imagine how small the actual town is. There aren’t many cars, but every home seems to have a large tractor to get around. Of course, being Iceland, the town does have a public swimming pool.Hrisey Island, IcelandThe pictures in this post are from the lovely hike we took around the rest of the island, most of which is included in the privately owned Ystabæjarland wildlife preserve. There are no natural predators on the island, so it has become a big destination for birdwatching. There are about 40 species of bird on the island. Below, I managed to get a good picture of some large bird. There were a lot of Arctic Tern while we were there, and they were not shy about threatening us with low swoops when we walked near their nests. Hrisey Island, Iceland

Hrisey Island, IcelandThe bushy plant in the forefront of the picture below is wild angelica, which grows all over the island and is used in many ways in traditional Icelandic cooking.Hrisey Island, Iceland    [35mm taken with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000. Click this link to see more pictures from this trip up to northern Iceland. ]

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