Denmark: Runes, Rock Piles, and Royal Retreats

F1000016runes At some point in the late fall, my East Old Norse language course took a trip together to Jægerspris Castle in Jægerspris. It was about a 45 minute train ride + a short bus ride from Copenhagen. Jægerspris Castle was the country retreat of the royal family. We were mostly interested in the extensive grounds, which included several excavated Bronze Age burial cairns and a peripatetic garden.

F1000017runesThe burial cairns were small chambers built of stone and covered in earth. We were able to walk in these millenniums old graves. The peripatetic garden is a large groomed area of the grounds filled with monuments to famous Danish men. It was created in the late 1700’s to encourage reflection on the great Danish men of the past and so encourage a patriotic sentiment. It contains several medieval-age rune stones.F1010001runes After walking through the park and drinking some professor-provided booze on one of the mounds, we made our way to our runology professor’s summer cabin, where he had invited us for a grill-out which became a veritable feast.





F1010003runes F1000011runes


F1000006runes [35mm taken with my Canon Rebel 2000 SLR. Click hereto see more of my pictures from Denmark.]

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