Crossing Iceland’s Interior on F-35

F1000013froad Here are the last of my pictures from summer 2014 in Iceland. Instead of coming back from the Akureyri area on the Ring Road, we took advantage of my friend’s SUV to cut directly across the interior on an F-Road. These rugged gravel roads through the center of the island are only accessible with for seven weeks in the summer and even then only with 4-wheel drive. F1000012froad
The F-35 road takes about 5 hours to drive. It cuts across the Kjölur plateau, passing right between the Langjökull and glaciers, which are two of the largest after Vatnajökull. So, in theory the view should be breathtaking. However, it was grey and rainy when we passed through, so we couldn’t see much beyond the grey, gravelly ground next to the road.F1000018froad
Not too far from the northern end of the road is the Hveravellir Nature Reserve. This is a really cool geothermal spot. They have wooden pathways built around steaming cones, bubbling natural cauldrons, and colorful streams of boiling hot mineral water. The wind up there was brutal, creating huge billows of steam from the hot water. The effect was incredible. There is a small guesthouse for the many people who bike or drive this road. Next to it, there was a really cool hot pot. It’s open to all, and we had a delicious soak, but be warned, there are no changing rooms for non-guests (although there is a bathroom nearby). F1000017froadIn the 18th century, the famous Icelandic outlaw Fjalla-Eyvindur and his wife made camp at this hot spring while they were evading the authorities. There is a monument to him at the site.  F1000014froad




F1000020froad  [35mm taken with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000. Click this link to see more pictures from this trip up to northern Iceland. ]

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