Old Carlsberg Brewery, Copenhagen

Old Carlsburg Brewery, CopenhagenAs many of you know, I spent last semester on exchange in Copenhagen, Denmark. I lived in Valby, a neighborhood a ten minute bike ride from downtown. There were a lot of neat places around my flat, including the Frederiksberg Castle. One of my favorites was the Old Carlsberg Brewery. I passed this gate every day on my way to Uni. Old Carlsburg Brewery, CopenhagenThe Carlsberg Group began as a single brewery in the mid 1800’s. It’s now the fourth largest brewery group in the world, with 500 hundred different beers produced. J. C. Jacobsen, the founder, was also a philanthropist and art collector. There is an entire museum in Copenhagen devoted to his collection (Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek). These elephants (there are four, two on each side of the gate) represent his four children.Old Carlsburg Brewery, Copenhagen[35mm taken with my Canon Rebel 2000 SLR. Click here to see more of my pictures from Denmark.]

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