ÍS: Skerjafjörður at the Golden Hour

Reyjavik, Iceland, Now that I’m back in Iceland, I’m living with a sweet Icelandic family in Skerjafjörður, a secluded little corner of 101 Reykjavik tucked in between the waterfront and the domestic airport. There’s been snow on the ground almost every single day since I returned in mid January, and I love it! It makes the whole city feel so bright. This beach area is only a block or two from my home, and every time I walk here, I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the cold waves crashing on the black sand, the smell of the seaweed at low tide, and the calls of the sea birds. Reyjavik, Iceland,

Reyjavik, Iceland,

Reyjavik, Iceland,   [35mm taken with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000. Click here to see more pictures of Reykjavík, Iceland.]

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