Downtown Toronto, Canada

000011torontoFun fact: Toronto is the most populous city in all of Canada, and Canada is the most populous state in America! (Just kidding! I couldn’t resist.)000019torontoI spent almost two weeks over Christmas in Toronto. My boyfriend and I flew there to spend the holiday with his family (who were there visiting his sisters). The thing I noticed most about Toronto (besides the weight gain explained only by Tim Horton’s) was the eclectic juxtaposition of old and new buildings. We stayed in a shiny new condo facing a block of old, brick row homes that had seen better days; one of the pictures below shows an old church sitting in the shadows of the skyscrapers that have grown up around it. Toronto was not the most beautiful city, but it was certainly interesting to explore (also, Tim Horton’s….that is all).




000009toronto[35mm taken with my Canon EOS Rebel 2000.]

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