Lejre, Denmark: The Home of Beowulf

000012leijreAs most of your probably know, the eponymous hero of the great Old English epic poem Beowulf is a Dane. And, according to the poem, he lived in the part of Denmark that is now the town of Lejre, about 10km from Roskilde. In November, my class took a trip from Copenhagen to visit the supposed site of Beowulf’s hall, where excavations have unearthed the foundations of a few large long halls. These excavations have revealed that this area was important during the late Iron Age and the Viking Age. Nearby is stone “ship setting.” This is an 86 meter long (282 feet) ship shape marked by large standing stones. The area inside contains 55 graves, mostly from the 10th century. 000015leijre If you are interested in Viking Age archeology and want to know more, check out this article published by the Roskilde museum and/or go visit the site yourself. They have a great little museum there with information about findings in the area. We took the opportunity to read some Beowulf on the site of his great hall, and the video is on my instagram if you’re interested.000011leijre2







000010leijre And for purely academic purposes, we also decided to drink hot wine and re-enact saga scenes before heading back to Copenhagen.
000017maryland [35mm taken with my Canon Rebel 2000 SLR. Click here to see more of my pictures from Denmark.]

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