Scotland: Walking to the Clava Cairns

Culloden, Scotland After visiting Culloden Battlefied, east of Inverness, we took a beautiful walk from the battlefield visitor’s center to Balnuaran of Clava. The three mysterious cairns and the set of standing stones at this location are the primary examples of “clava cairns,” a type of Bronze Age burial chamber/ mound that get their name from this spot. I was pretty excited because that visit meant I’d visited Bronze Age burial cairns in three countries (Scotland, Finland, and Denmark). The cairns were really interesting, but the walk there was the best part. We passed through a sweet little town, by lush rolling farmland, and past the rather photogenic Culloden Viaduct. The Viaduct (bridge for trains) was opened in 1898 and is the longest masonry viaduct in Scotland.

Culloden, Scotland

Culloden, ScotlandCulloden, Scotland

Culloden, Scotland

Culloden, Scotland

Culloden, Scotland

Culloden, Scotland[35mm taken with my 1999 Olympus 105G Superzoom in February 2015.Click here for more pictures of Scotland. Oh and don’t forget to like the blog on facebook!]


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